Destination Thailand Expats Guide To The Land Of Smile


A Basic Expats Guide to Thailand

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Wat Arun

The expats guide to Thailand contains articles regarding almost all that you need to know about the country. Therefore, it is a must to check it out if you are planning to work or retire in Thailand. This is a shorter version of the said guides.

Thailand is a beautiful country located in Southeast Asia. The neighboring countries include Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Vietnam. Thailand has become the second biggest economy in Southeast Asia next to Singapore. Because of this, transportation and public amenities have improved but still not comparable to western standards.

Over the years, the country has made its mark among foreigners wanting to live abroad. For one, the cost of living is fairly reasonable compared to developed countries. The buying power of western money is greater than the local currency. So you get more value for your money. Most things you buy will be about half or even quarter of the cost you actually pay at home. That is why most expats enjoy comfortable and even luxurious lives in the country.

Doing a little research on Thai culture will fascinate you all the more. You can gain information through expats guide online. Aside from those, there are plenty of other resources that will help you better prepare when you finally decide to move.

The locals are very warm and friendly people. You will notice that everyone is ready to give a helping hand by giving you a smile every time. Thailand is after all called the land of smiles. The more common form of greeting is a polite bow rather than a handshake. Thais are polite people and they always use different ways to address men and women. They have high regard for loyalty in the family and respect for the elderly.

Bangkok Street food

Southeast Asia is known for good food. In Thailand, you will enjoy a variety of good food that will keep your stomach happy. Since Thailand produces its own fruits and vegetables, you can be sure that everything is made from fresh ingredients from the local market. But be aware that Thai cuisine is very unique but sometimes very spicy.

Main cities like Bangkok have a selection of western restaurants and fast food shops. These will satisfy your longing for the familiar taste of the food back home.

The country also boasts of scenic and almost paradise like beaches. Phuket is one of the most popular destinations among foreigners. The white sandy beaches and the deep blue sea lure tourists to stay for longer periods of time. Some people chose to retire in this part of the country.

Phuket Beach

Nowadays, healthcare in Thailand offers world class services. They have state of the art technologies and competitive medical staff. The private and public sector have been doing joint efforts to promote medical tourism in the country. So getting sick is not really a problem since you will be getting the same healthcare services half the price from back home.

These are just some of the basic expats guide you need to know before you start your adventure. Thailand will definitely offer you an experience you will never forget. From the noisy streets of Bangkok to the quiet and serene beaches of Phuket, you can be sure that every moment is worth your while.