Enjoy Private Living at The Bangkok Sathorn


Superior Living And Privacy


The Bangkok Sathorn is a luxury condominium project that is a class apart. The design and architecture of the project adds an all new dimension to condominium living especially in a city like Bangkok, which is growing leaps and bound every day. This condominium is ideally located on 1 south Sathorn Road. Sathorn Road is one of the major roads that pass through the Sathorn district in Bangkok and connects two main areas primarily the Phra Nakhon and Thonburi side of the city. Bangkok Sathorn is a uniquely designed condominium set in between the green surroundings with a great view of the Chao Phraya River. Living in this condominium is like taking a break in one of the tropical resorts with great view all year round.

This 50 storey building is located on the corner of South Sathorn with easy accessibility to the Surasak BTS station. The design of the tower has been inspired by the Australian cliffs on the coastal regions of the country, which has acquired its shape due to the natural forces of wind and water. This natural inspiration has resulted in an architectural marvel that is urban, fluid and organic. A hi-tech coring system divides the tower into five vertical cores with each core having three to five high-speed elevators. This unique design feature has increased privacy for the residents by eliminating corridors with strangers and also reduces precious time waiting for the elevators.

Maximum Privacy

The condominium has eliminated the need for a corridor and thereby increased privacy of its residents, which is a great feature to have. In the absence of a corridor the residents get off from the elevator and directly step into the entrance foyer of their unit. The designers have made sure that each and every tenant enjoys their privacy ensuring peaceful living.

Design Layout of the Bangkok Sathorn Interiors

Along with the location of the project, which is a prime area, it is the small details that have gone into designing the building and each unit that makes this project stand out among other projects in the area. As soon as you enter your foyer there is an automatic lighting that lights when it senses movement, a shoe cabinet, storage for umbrellas and many other items that people may leave in the corridors. All these little things attract people to this tower and, which is lacking in other luxury condominiums.

Every unit is detailed to perfection with each of them having a 2.8 meter ceiling. All these services in the unit have been fitted by Dellarobia Thailand. The see through closets are large and very practical due to the clever design. As soon as you are inside your unit it gives you a complete feeling of privacy with a personal storage space where you can safely store and retrieve your treasures from high gloss wood veneer shelves that are lit with LED lights and have a felt-lined amenity trays. The sanitary ware, bathroom fittings and rain shower systems combined together will just enhance your stay at the Bangkok Sathorn.

The two bedroom units have a standalone tub in the master bathroom, which is feature that is unique to two bedroom units. The kitchens are fully enclosed with an L- shaped counter equipped with Siemens appliances that will remind you of an appliance gallery that is alive and kicking. The railing system on the wall helps in positioning the hangers at exact positions. A separate service corner ensures appliances like dryer, air-conditioning units, and washing machines are placed away from sight and remain neat.

Rooms and View of Bangkok Sathorn

This luxury condominium has no place for penthouses in its grand plan because a penthouse is not required here as each and every one and two bedroom units have some extraordinary view of the river and city. All units have a window of 10 to 20 meters, which offers a panoramic view of the river and city from the comforts of the room.

Facilities at the Project

Residents of the building can enjoy the common amenities that are on offer on two floors of the skyscraper. There is a sky boutique pool on the 32nd floor on the north end, and a sky family pool on the south end. The area between the two is meant for three sky lounges and a private lobby or sky deck the view from this place is just unbelievable. Sixth floor has facilities like fitness room, yoga studio, steam and sauna room, and a huge 1,200 sq meters green terrace. This additional greenery adds to the aesthetic value of the condominium. The ground level of the tower also has a traditional looking garden and is one-third the size of the elevated garden. This is a great boon for all those residents who love to enjoy greenery around them. Security features include parking spaces for visitors with video door phone feature for restricted access to the building. One car parking space for one bedroom units and two parking spaces for two bedroom units have been allocated.


The project is located on one south Sathorn Road at the corner of the south Sathorn and Charoenratch with Surasak bang opposite to the site. The Surasak BTS station is 10 steps away from the site. The expressway is just round the corner making road travel extremely easy.


For tenants who want complete privacy and also experience a peaceful and luxurious lifestyle, The Bangkok Sathornis the right place to be.