Explore Any Kind of Adventure You Desire with Eight Thonglor Residence


When you plan to have a world tour and visit worthy countries and cities, Bangkok is the best place to be. Bangkok is the capital city of Thailand and was referred to as the old Asian metropolis. Throughout the years, the city has gone through a lot of renovations but managed to preserve its rich culture. When you travel to Bangkok, exploring both the historic and megacity expansion area is the best way to experience the city. Visiting the city of Bangkok will give you a glimpse on the past and present lives and lifestyle of the people living there. You will definitely see a whole new world around you.

Well, you will require excellent accommodations when you visit or plan to reside in Bangkok. If you want to live in a place where you can maintain your sophisticated way of living, then

The Eight Thonglor Residence in Soi Thonglor is perfect for you. There are a lot of apartments that you can see along Sukhumvit Road, but the Eight Thonglor stands out from the rest. Many residential apartments are developed in Thonglor area these days. The demand for high end condo units has dropped some years ago, but it is starting to rise again especially for the new projects in this area. Thanks to the developers who believed that if the right projects are built in the right location, prices will not matter for those who want to have it.

Eight Thonglor is the epitome of modern-day urban living, combining the concept of residential establishment along with lifestyle retail center. This is in response to the need of every urban people who want to live in the downtown area with a neighborhood mall that can serve their day-to-day lifestyles.  The company that developed this 33-storey building in Thonglor Soi 8 started the mixed-use development concept. The Eight Thonglor Residence is comprised of five-star serviced apartments, luxurious condominium units, and lifestyle retail centers.

Finding one condo Thonglor and Thonglor restaurants wouldn’t be that hard as there is a vast array of choices laid for you. Nothing beats The Eight Thonglor Residence when it comes to style, convenience and, exclusivity. They have a wide range of facilities, delightful panoramic landscaped gardens, and gourmet restaurants. Every Thonglor condo provides an exclusive privilege like no other. These days, Eight Thonglor is considered to be the home for many prominent and influential Thailand citizens. Some Bangkok expatriates even consider this as their second home. So, whether you like shopping or want relaxation,

Definitely the Eight Thonglor Residence has an answer to your needs. Don’t miss the chance to experience, or perhaps stay for good in this modern lifestyle home in Thonglor Soi 8.  You will always feel the pleasure of comfortable living every minute when you are in this place. Surely, you can’t ask for more if you will be able to have a home here in Bangkok’s most fashionable and trendy street. The Eight Thonglor has shown what Bangkok has been known for, which is the Land of Smiles. Aside from the friendly people and atmosphere, you will also be smiling for all the wonders that you can find in this place.