Guidelines to Living and Working in Thailand

Guideline to living and working in thailand

Working in Thailand can be an exhilarating adventure for expatriates. Living in Thailand alone can be an enormous challenge, particularly if one finds the pace of living in Bangkok or major Thai cities daunting. However, some of the things that make Thailand attractive to expatriates are that Thai locals’ friendliness to foreigners, outstanding culinary delights, and the affordable cost of living, not to mention the country’s economic growth.

Working in Thailand can also be favorable to expats who want to be a part of the country’s economic development. In a joint survey by Barclays Wealth International and Expat Forum, about 22.2 percent of the survey group states they wish to work in Thailand.

Thailand is one of the world’s countries deemed as a kind of emerging economy that has been moving steadily to become a major industrialized country. Between 1985 and 1996, the country’s growth rate averaged 12.4 percent. However, that growth put pressure on the Thai baht. Thailand’s issue with currency was the driving force that made the country incur losses in the Asian financial crisis.

Between 1997 and 2010, the country has witnessed a huge number of mergers and takeovers. This was despite the fact that there were introduced new labor markets and under 50 percent of Thailand’s laborers work in the agriculture sector. As imports and exports continue to rise, overseas investment growth and new markets introduction are major reasons that the employment market is also increasing.

A lot of Western industries and companies have Thailand offices and facilities and the presence of these companies may be a reason why employment is a major reason why people would want to move to Thailand.

Once a person has made the huge decision to move to Thailand to work, that person also has to seek out acceptable residential properties for them to live in while they stay in the country. There are many property agencies in Bangkok alone and these agencies can help one find real estate properties in the Thai capital and around the country. For a newcomer to the country, it is advisable to reside in apartments and condominiums before looking for more permanent accommodations.

Thailand’s real estate agencies assist clients regarding rentals and property sales. For rentals, the agencies serve both landlords and tenants. For the tenants, the agencies help them find the right place according to the client’s living requirements. The real estate agencies also help facilitate property sales. They expedite negotiations and help accomplish any requirements needed to facilitate transfer of property titles.

Once one has found a place to live and work in Thailand, getting used to the Thai way of life is another challenge. However, adjusting to life is a fun experience because of the eclectic mix of East and West, especially in Bangkok. In the city, one can get used to shopping, the majestic skyscrapers, and the subway system. Plus, all of these aspects are interjected with eclectic Thai food, tuktuks, and Buddhist temples. Once one has adjusted to life there, working in Thailandis going to be a breeze.