Living in Thailand Things to Know


If you are living in Thailand, you know that there are four important things you need to piece together to enjoy a comfortable lifestyle during your stay. The four important components of day to day life are food, weather, people and transportation.

Everyone loves food. But in Thailand you can find them almost everywhere. You can choose from a wide variety of expensive restaurants lined up in the streets or cheap food vendors in the sidewalks. Thai cuisine is very popular around the world. But in Thailand, it’s completely different from what you have tasted back home. The unique taste combined with its exotic appeal makes every meal a feast to remember.

The Thais are known for adding different spices and seasonings to everything they cook. If you are not used to spicy food, you will never be able to truly enjoy the food. But you don’t have to worry about the food so much if it isn’t to your liking. You can find different food choices in every corner especially in big cities like Bangkok. There are other cuisines you can try and plenty of fast food shops can be found in the area.

Thailand has a tropical weather. That means it’s really hot especially during summer months. Cold seems to be a strange word when describing the country’s weather. Mornings are a little comfortable but it gets really hot and humid towards midday and early afternoon. When living in Thailand, forget about warm clothes. Your wardrobe should be composed of lighter and cooler garments. Consider sun block as your best friend during your entire stay.

The people are very warm and welcoming. It will never be called “The Land of Smiles” for nothing. They are always ready to give a helping hand to foreigners, whether tourists or expats. But then again, you get to understand their true color after sometime. They can never be too nice all the time. They also ran out of patience. You will soon realize that their smile actually means they don’t understand a word you say and that they don’t really care. When things like these happen, remember that you are a foreigner trying to co-exist in their country. Extra patience will go a long way.

Photo courtesy of Thai airways

Transportation is composed of trains, buses and taxis. If you choose to stay in Bangkok, it is best to get a place near your workplace or near transit stations. Though it will be more expensive staying in these areas, you will discover sooner that it is worth every penny.

Traffic in Bangkok is very unpredictable. Although, it has improved in recent years, it still is very heavy during rush hours. If you value your time and comfort, you should pick a place with a good location.

The expat community in Thailand has been growing steadily. Most of them are looking for work, working or supporting their partners who have found a better job in the country. The length of stay depends on each person but usually ranges anywhere from 6 months to two years.

Living in Thailand is really fun and exciting. The food, weather, people and transportation make life an adventure every day.