Securing Expat Life Insurance in Thailand

Life Insurance

Be Safe Feel Safe as Expats in Thailand

Thailand is a wonderful country to live in for expatriates and their families, as well as retirees. For expats, the capital Bangkok would be a great place to start because it is a melting pot of all nationalities. In Bangkok, one can find people of Caucasian, Indian, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Thai, and African descent, among other nationalities. When one has had his or her fill of Bangkok, one may venture further into other cities in Thailand where life is a little more laid-back as compared to the capital.

When an expat works in Thailand, he or she can also receive benefits that come with the job like social security. Yet, it does not do any harm to get additional insurance. That is why getting expat life insurance is not unusual among foreigners who want to reside in Thailand. There are many insurance companies in Thailand that specifically cater to the life insurance requirements of expats.

Many of these companies can help expats arrange and acquire entire life insurance cover, level-term life insurance cover, permanent and total disability cover, critical illness cover, and even a combination of the life insurance benefits. The expat life insurance cover protects significant people in the expat’s life by providing them lump sum payments in any unfortunate event like the expat’s unfortunate demise or contracting a permanent disability or critical illness while the life insurance policy is in effect.

If these unfortunate events happen, with the help of life insurance companies, an expat can provide his or her dependents a steady income, pay of debts or mortgages, compensate a business, or cover inheritance/estate tax liabilities. Expats can choose from a variety of life insurance coverage policies.

The features of expat life insurance coverage include: fast and easy online application and quotation; coverage options like life cover with personal accident, life cover, or personal accident; up to $400,000 coverage with no required medical examination; policies underwritten by EU insurers; applicable from ages 18 to 69; and one may pay annually, semi-annually, or monthly using easy payment methods like Standing Order, Telex Transfer, or credit card. An important feature in life insurance for expats is comprehensive after-sales to policyholders.

Now that an expat has covered contingencies in any untoward event that may happen to him or he while in Thailand, the expat may now enjoy the things that Thailand has to offer. One can work there in one of the many multinational companies that dot the country. An expat and his or her family may visit the beaches that line the country. Moreover, food is one of the main reasons why people would want to stay in Thailand. The balmy tropical weather is also one reason why people from colder climates choose to stay in Thailand.

While the country may be dogged with issues like poverty, crime, and addiction, among other matters, Thailand still has a lot to offer expatriates, their families, and retirees. That is why expatriates must avail of life insurance. This does not only benefit them, but life insurance also benefits their loved ones.