The Met Bangkok Floor Plan


The Met Bangkok Uniquely Designed Building

The Met Bangkok represents upscale living in one of the innovative high-rise in the tropical city of Bangkok. This impressive high-rise residential building is 66 storey high a visual landmark in the ever-crowded Bangkok city. The thoughtfully designed homes have been awarded the design of the year for its innovative and staggered plan homes that aids cross ventilation through every individual unit in the building. The unique design of the building facilitates free movement of sunlight and fresh breeze without blocking the view of the occupants. The Met floor plan have been created keeping in mind the tropical weather conditions of the city and this is visible from how the exteriors are built with pools, sky gardens, open balconies, and sky terraces that are amply accommodated in the tower. The layout of the building is such that it protects its occupants from the harsh and humid weather that is commonly prevalent in the city and this has been achieved by providing sunshades and overhangs that aids excellent protection against hot weather by filtering the amount of direct sunlight that enters the homes making the occupants inside very comfortable.

The Layout of the MET BANGKOK

The Met Bangkok is a uniquely designed building that comprises of six apartment blocks in the 66 storey building structure on a spread out plan. The architects of this high rise building have ensured all the environmental strategies are being implemented making ample provision for cross ventilation, natural sunlight and also providing sun shades that prevents overheating of the exteriors, gardens and terraces, which is a must in the humid and crowded city like Bangkok where you would want to come home to a cool and comfortable abode for complete relaxation after a hard day’s work. The building is built in an ideal and central location in the city with less noise, dust, much cooler air and of course great view. The jagged design allows free movement of air and sunlight to enter the blocks. Another great feature of the layout plan is the bridges that run between the blocks that have gardens and pools that are easily accessible from inside the building. All these small features make living in Bangkok very comfortable.

Ground Floor of the Met Bangkok

The ground floor of the Met Bangkok consists of huge and grand lobbies, 24 hour security systems, concierge, gardens, designed carpet of water, vegetation and stone garden at the ground level, tennis courts for energizing after a day’s work, elevators that connects you to different towers in the building and ample water area.

Ninth Floor Plan of the Met Bangkok

The ninth floor of the tower is the main amenities floor. The 9th floor features landscaped garden spaces at different heights, which means you can just relax on the floor itself without having to come down to the ground floor. The quiet, green and cool garden environment is a perfect setting to enjoy a peaceful existence, which is a rarity in the middle of such a busy city. For the health conscious people the 9th floor consists of swimming pools, jogging track all surrounded by gardens. With such facilities why would anyone want to venture out in the city for recreation when you have everything near and closer to the comforts of the home? To enjoy the exotic water gardens and as a perfect setting the floor is equipped with spa cabanas with a great sky view and the picture perfect view of the city and river. On weekends you can enjoy a pool party near the barbeque area provided in the building. For the intellectuals the building has a library facility where you can relax and read your favorite book. All the common facilities are spread on all the towers of the building.

The 28th and 47th floor or Sky Terraces of the Met Bangkok

It is a boon to have all the greenery and garden facilities spread out in such a high rise building in the middle of the city. The sky terraces are equipped with a small gym, Barbeque area to enjoy a weekend party and have a uninterrupted view of the enchanting city and the river around, a private garden area to relax, function areas, indoor and outdoor facilities at the pool. The gap between the towers is designed ideally and has landscaped gardens, where you can enjoy the view around.

Living in the Met Bangkok will be enjoyable and comfortable especially in the tropical conditions of Bangkok. The high rise is located bang in-between two stations with all the existing infrastructure facilities around. Living in the Met Sathorn is a practical way to deal with the bad traffic situation and the urban problems in Bangkok. At the Met all efforts have been taken to ensure complete safety, privacy, better views, ample amount of sunlight and ventilation, security, less pollution, noise and of course all the entertainment facilities without venturing out in the traffic.