The Met Sathorn Location

Sathorn Road
Sathorn Road

Perfect Location For Urban Lifestyle

The Met Sathorn Location is perfectly located for any new visitor with or without a family to rent a condo. The Met Sathorn is located in an ideal site that is surrounded by abundant greenery, accessible roads, near BTS station, and of course a nice view of the river. Even the BRT Bangkok station is closer to this condominium. Any new visitor to Bangkok will want to stay in a location that will involve less time for travel to place of work, and access to other amenities of daily use. Families especially will want to stay in a place that has easy access to different modes of transport, better connectivity, and access to grocery stores, schools, gardens, entertainment centers and hospitals. Sathorn area in Bangkok has all these facilities without having to travel long distances. The Met Sathorn Location is just in the central business district of Bangkok metropolis very near the Singapore embassy.

History of Sathorn Area

Sathorn area is in high demand for residential properties either for ownership or for renting. The area has grown leaps and bounds over the last few decades. It is located in the extension of the Wireless road. The southern end of the business area of Silom is called Sathorn. The recent development in the area in the form of high end residential buildings has given the place a very modern and futuristic appearance though the place is just a stone’s throw away from the old town. Sathorn has now turned into a hub for swanky new international hotels, and embassies of major countries.

Benefits of Living in the Met Sathorn

To the northern side of the condominium is the lush green and quiet Lumpini Park. For party lovers and for those who want to let their hair down every night the area is surrounded by good hotels, and high-end restaurants and pubs to enjoy a peaceful dinner. All these places are within a short distance from the condominium. As you go towards the south you will notice the majestic Chao Phraya River, which can be viewed from one of the sky terraces of the Met without even venturing out in the traffic, which can be really bad during the peak hours. All the prime areas of Chidlom, Siam, and Ploenchit, Bangkok are very near and accessible from Sathorn.

The Met offers easy access to BTS skytrain, and the BRT, which is a great boon for anyone staying in Bangkok. Staying near the BTS station will help cut down the travelling time, which means you are on time for work and still have time for your family and for other entertainments after work. You don’t waste your precious time on travel, which can be really bad during peak time. The Lumpini Park is just a small distance from the condo, which means you can take your family and kids to the park without having to travel a considerable amount of time. The area near the Chao Phraya River is a nursery of green trees, which brings in cool air to the Met and the surrounding areas. Due to its location near the Chao Phraya River the surrounding area gets ample amount of natural and cool air, which is a blessing in places that experience tropical weather.

For people with children the locality is surrounded by few schools that are easily accessible, hospitals for emergency medical care, shopping malls that meets the demand of every type of individual and a huge green park. The nearest BTS Skytrain station is Chong Nonsi and Surasak. Even the BRT station is very near this condo. Sathorn is one of the trendiest and upscale locations in Bangkok and this is only because of the different amenities that can be easily availed.

Why you should stay around Sathorn?

Sathorn is a fast growing locality of Bangkok with good access to transportation, educational institutes, medical care, clean and cool air, near the River, and abundance of greenery around, which is a rarity in a growing city like Bangkok. Easy access to rail network means you spend less time on the road, which will directly help improve your health as you have ample time to spend on yourself and your loved ones. Renting a condo in the Met will benefit any new visitor in the long run.