The Sukhothai Residences


Forty-One Stories of Majesty

Those of you out there who are trying to find the pinnacle of a prestigious and modern lifestyle will surely have to consider what the Sukhothai Residences have to offer. Designed for perfectionists who can live in nothing less than the best and most stylish of dwellings, the forty-one floor ultra-luxury condominium has been erected in the heart of the Sathorn Central Business District, right inside the sanctuary of the internationally-popular hotel known as the Sukhothai.

Over the years the Sukhothai Residences has received a myriad of different prizes and awards in recognition of all it has achieved, being designated as the best high-rise development and as having the best interior design in Thailand. The show suite put on display for everyone was also commended quite impressively at the 2012 International Property Awards. All in all, it has arguably received more praise than any other luxury dwelling in Thailand and is way ahead of its competitors.

One of the most impressive aspects about the residences is just how well their high-rise design blends with the hotel’s low-rise architecture. Both of the buildings complement each other with utmost grace and elegance, mainly thanks to the hotel’s luscious gardens and the placement of the residential unit next to other high-rise buildings.

As it happens, the building’s architectural accomplishments should not exactly come as a surprise considering that it was designed by Kerry Hill and Ed Tuttle, two award-winning architects who actually designed the Sukhothai hotel twenty years earlier. Apparently, when the duo combines their efforts into producing one masterpiece, nothing in the world can possibly stand in their way. Some of their other works include the famous Amanpuri in Phuket, The Lalu Hotel in Taiwan and the Amankila in Bali.

To go into greater detail about the Sukhothai Residences, there is a total of a hundred and ninety-six top of the line residential units, with an addition of nine luxurious penthouses. Naturally, the condominiums aren’t just senseless copies of each other, with buyers being offered a myriad of options, depending on their wants, needs, and financial capabilities. The selection of dwellings ranges from small, one-bedroom units with a total surface area of 88 square meters, all the way to the grandiose penthouses, measuring over 1200 square meters.

Every unit in the residence was built with high ceilings in order to create a more spacious atmosphere, and as you would expect, each one was outfitted with some of the best fixtures and accessories money can buy. Depending on the size of your unit, it could come included with a balcony, a maid’s room, storage space, plunge tools, Thai or European kitchens, a private lift lobby, and much more.

The excitement doesn’t stop here though, as the Sukhothai Residences also serve as a host to a number of interesting amenities and facilities, including a large, fifty-meter swimming pool (with a smaller, twelve-meter pool designed for children), a gymnasium stacked with the best modern exercising equipment, a yoga room, a sauna, and even a juice bar. Those of you who are into sports will be able to benefit from one of the most well-maintained tennis courts in Thailand, without forgetting the specially-carved jogging trail for peaceful runs.

Though the residence itself has a lot to keep you busy, it also doesn’t hurt that the the Nim Marn Lounge is located on its thirty-fourth floor, where private parties and soirees often take place. As if that wasn’t already enough, those living in the Sukhothai Residences are also allowed to access the various attractions of the hotel, and those include restaurants, bars, limousine services, and even facilities designed for business meetings and conferences.

As was mentioned previously, the residence is located in a very active sector of the city, and within a five-kilometer radius you will be able to find countless shopping malls, stores, restaurants, buffets, movie theaters, night clubs, schools, medical services, and much more.

At the moment, the Sukhothai Residences are about seventy percent sold, meaning that roughly sixty of the most luxurious condominiums on Earth are still up for grabs. The project, which by the way began all the way back in 2008, is now at the second phase of the selling process, with the last units slated to be completed soon. If you are looking to live at the peak of the modern and urban lifestyle, then the Sukhothai Residences are an opportunity you cannot afford to miss out on.