Things to Remember when Moving to Thailand

moving to thailand

Thailand has one of the biggest economies in South East Asia. Recently, it has been named as one of the best places to live for expats. More and more foreigners are moving to Thailand to experience both the beauty of the country and to earn a living.

Finding a job in Thailand that pays a substantial amount will prove to be challenging. But some expats who find good jobs can live a comfortable lifestyle. Most of the expats move to the capital city of Bangkok. Bangkok, like any other big cities in the world caters to international crowd. The things that you find in big cities such as New York can also be found there. Transportation is cheap because plenty of buses and taxis abound the city. Housing is not a problem and you can live as luxurious as you want depending on your budget.

Some expats are now exploring other parts of Thailand. They decide to move to rural areas because it is less populated and the cost of living is much cheaper than in urban areas. Chiang Mai, which is located in the Northern part of the country, is getting popular among foreigners. But most people who decide to live in the rural areas choose where the beaches are. Phuket is a very common choice since they can find tourism related work and also enjoy the almost paradise surroundings.

When moving to Thailand, it is very important to choose carefully where to stay. Making the right choice will ensure comfort and safety. When choosing a place to live do consider the location and safety of the place. Since you are new in the place, settling in a house or a condo that is near mass transit is very beneficial. You can get around the city without much difficulty. Of course, remember that the safer the area the better it is for you.

If you will be working in Bangkok, it is all the more important to choose a place near your office. Traffic in Bangkok is quite heavy. Choosing something near will definitely save you a lot of time commuting to work.

There are many housing options to choose from in Thailand. You can rent your own condo or choose a serviced residence. Serviced residences are very common among expats. They give you the comfort of staying in a hotel but give you an apartment living space. If you are unsure on what works best for you and your budget, you can consult professional real estate agents. They can advise you on what place is best suited for your needs.

Before moving to Thailand, make sure that you have done your research about the people, culture and the cost of living as well. The Thais are very warm and welcoming people. The locals are very helpful wherever you go. Learning a thing or two about Thai culture will go a long way in keeping a good relationship with the people you meet. The cost of living is cheap so most expats lead comfortable lives in the country.

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