Tops Things to do in Bangkok on a Short Visit


Bangkok Must Do

No matter how short your trip to Bangkok is, there are a few things to do in Bangkok and no visitors should ever give them a miss. Bangkok is always bustling with activities and this enchanting city with the right mix of traditional activities that gels well with the modern activities. The city has unlimited opportunities to offer for each and every individual with varied interests. This cosmopolitan city will keep you busy throughout the day and night. Whether you are a part of a family or traveling alone with friends or a couple you will never be short of interesting things to do in Bangkok.

The following are the list of things to do in Bangkok if you are on a short trip to this wonderful nation and are anxious and confused about which places to visit.

Visit Wat Pho

 Wat Pho has fewer tourists as compared to Wat Phra Kaew, but this place has one of the biggest temples in Bangkok. It houses the largest reclining Buddha, a huge collection of images of Buddha, and is the earliest education centre for public in the country. The reclining Buddha is a must watch not only from the spiritual angle, but also for its sheer size. This impressive Buddha is 46m long and 15m high and depicts Buddha’s nirvana. The whole figure is covered with gold leaf, mother of pearl ornaments at the feet that depicts the different lakshana or characteristics of Lord Buddha. Wat Pho is a centre for preservation and teaching of traditional Thai medicine and also has massage schools that teach traditional Thai massage and yoga techniques.

Thai Massage is never to be missed

A visit to Bangkok or Thailand is incomplete without getting the traditional Thai massage. You can start the massage before you venture out for sightseeing and shopping or after. This unique form of massage helps you relax as it helps in increasing the blood circulation by applying pressure on certain pressure points. It aids in promoting overall wellness, improves flexibility of muscles and makes you feel rejuvenated.

Visit to the Chatuchak market on Weekends

Things to do in Bangkok
JJ Market

This sprawling and busy market with a minimum of 8000 stalls sells everything from house wares, clothes, books, antiques, and many other products. The place is bustling with activity with stalls that are well organized. The one best thing about shopping in such places is you can bargain for the prices. Feel free to offer your price and you will be assured of great products at some huge discounts.


Bangkok is a great heaven for shopping and you can get anything on earth at great prices. You can choose to shop from stalls, malls, boutiques and traditional markets. Mall shopping can be slightly expensive, but they offer all international brands as compared to street shops. Mahboonkrong a huge shopping mall is one of the biggest shopping avenues in Bangkok. This place has turned into Bangkok’s top shopping attractions with half the population of Bangkok visiting this place on weekends. The place offers everything from branded clothes, watches, jewelry, wallets, shoes, accessories, belts, mobiles and even food. It is a one stop shopping destination in Bangkok.

Take a Ride on the Chao Phraya River, the Venice of the East

Things to do in Bangkok

You can get around different places in the city and spend some quite moments by travelling in a water taxi. The Boat Company of the Chao Phraya River offers a pass for the whole day, which you can use to travel in and out of the taxi and visit 10 attractions of your choice.

Visit Wat Arun

Thailand Destination
Wat Arun

Wat Arun is an impressive sight, which every visitor needs to go at least once. This landmark of Bangkok looks very impressive from far and is equally attractive from close quarters. To view the city you need to climb up 70 meters high to enjoy the view as well as to see the nicely decorated spire of this structure.

Eat Local Foods on the Street

Things to do in Bangkok

Bangkok offers some delicious and wide variety of street food that is offered at very cheap prices. Eating local street food is one of the ways to enjoy and taste the traditional foods of Bangkok. Bangkok’s local cuisine is a mix of Chinese and Indian cooking. Regional cuisines like salads, and grilled meat made from local herbs is a must try.

Go Swimming with Sharks at Siam Ocean

The modern Siam Ocean World is a nice glimpse to the sea world. You need to walk to the bottom of the tank with a helmet filled with oxygen and swim with sharks or view them through a protective glass. The Siam Ocean world is an incredible place if you love being closer to the water creatures.

Bangkok is a place with some awesome activities to do and see from visiting temples, shopping, museums, and dine at some cheap and also expensive joints.